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142% Funded
$21,233 Raised
Days to Go

Now that we are back in person, let’s help our Shrevewood Owls and their Shrevewood Teachers have the best year ahead!!  We wanted to offer everyone the easiest way to support our teachers and students this coming year!! 

Previous donations have allowed us to outfit the library with fun, new, inviting furniture; fully stock individual classroom libraries with new books; create an outdoor courtyard where some classes can be held, update the halls of Shrevewood with beautiful murals and messages of positivity.  

This year, we are aiming to raise $15,000 by October 15th. The funds will go towards:

Field trips for students

Staff Appreciation Week

Enhanced AAP Training for all our beloved Shrevewood Teachers

Teacher Wish List Items

How much should you donate? Are there student PRIZES for participation?

All donations are appreciated and here are some donation options:

Of course, there are!
#armchairOWLS raffle!!
All donating participants will be added to the #armchairOWLS raffle
20-30 new winners each week
Breakfast with Principal DeSmyter!
 Names of the #armchairOWLS will appear  on the marquee! 

Win a toss at the DeSmyter Dunk Tank
on October 22!!


Grade with the greaters number of participants
Show and snack during school!


All donation will be 100% deductible.

For more information about the PTA or the Armchair Fundraiser, please email us at

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