This year, the Shrevewood PTA is moving its Membership registration to Virginia PTA's MemberHub site. This secure site is sponsored by our state PTA and is where members will pay their annual PTA dues ($15 for a Family Membership and $5 for a Faculty/Staff Membership). Please follow the MemberHub Registration Steps below and click on "Join Now" to register!


MemberHub Registration Steps:

1) Click on the "Join Now" link above

2) A web browser will open to the Shrevewood ES PTA "Your Join Request" page.

3) Complete the registration information including your first and last name, email address and phone number. Select "Parent/Guardian" in the Role drop-down menu. Currently, there are no hubs created so skip this. 

4) Select "Save" and you should receive a message saying, "You've successfully submitted your join request".

5) MemberHub will send you a request to confirm your email address. This confirmation will go to the email address you entered during registration. Please select the link in the body of the email to confirm your email address. (Please remember to do this step so you receive future PTA communications)

6) Once your join request has been approved, MemberHub will send a second email notifying you that your request has been approved. Select the "Sign into my account" link in the body of the email.

7) Your web browser will take you to the MemberHub login page where you'll sign in to our new MemberHub store and pay your dues.

8) Select Family/Guardian or Faculty/Staff to pay your dues online.

Also, see our MemberHub Tips for registering and shopping in our store! MemberHub Tips

Payment Options: Membership dues may be paid online using a credit card, or by check made payable to Shrevewood Elementary PTA. Please note, MemberHub charges a nominal fee for online payments. If you prefer to pay by check, please create an account on Memberhub and mail payment to Shrevewood Elementary PTA, attn. Treasurer, 7525 Shreve Rd., Falls Church, VA 22043.

Starting January 1, 2022, we will also be moving our communications (e.g., newsletters and emails) to MemberHub. We will continue to use our current Listserv email addresses through December 31, 2021. Some people may get double communication from us while we're transitioning over. Please accept our apology as we want to ensure a smooth transition to our new communication. It is important that you register on MemberHub so we can continue to send you important updates all year!

Please contact the Shrevewood PTA Board at with questions, or concerns.